Healthy things grow,

growing things change.

- Salem Plumbline -


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  • Membership Pathway

    At Salem, we put a high value on church membership. Being a member of a church community is an important aspect of spiritual growth and development. It provides a space for us to connect with others who share our faith in Christ, and to grown in our knowledge of God.

    If you would like more information about what it means to be a member of Salem Baptist Church, click here to join our Membership Pathway.

  • DisCipleShip Pathway

    Discipleship is an essential aspect of any local church. It involves the process of training and equipping individuals to become committed followers of Christ, who live out their faith. Through discipleship, Christians can grow in their understanding of the Bible, deepen their relationship with God, and learn how to share the good news of salvation with others. Click here to join our Discipleship Pathway.

  • EQUIP Classes

    EQUIP Classes are online classes designed to equip members and attendees of Salem to grow in their knowledge of God by training in the theology, ministry, and culture. Click here to see our listing of free, available classes.